Meeting Rhythms- Running your "Scaling Up" meetings a practical guide

Most businesses suck at execution, that is the truth. So if I can help just a few businesses improve how they execute their strategy, I would feel good about that. In fact, I have spent the evenings over the last few weeks since I got back from our Scaling Up conference in New Orleans writing a short book about how to improve your execution with meeting rhythms. Is is a short read, so if you want to learn how to improve your execution abilities, head over here.

Download your copy here.

The book is for CEOs, Managing Directors, business leaders, entrepreneurs and for anyone who wants to get a better understanding of how "Scaling Up" Meetings work in practice.

Getting these rhythms in place and working smoothly is one of the first barriers my clients encounter when implementing "Scaling Up". Why is this?

A properly sequenced set of meetings is crucial to getting the organisation's flywheel turning and then accelerating. Often, when I introduce the topic of meetings and meeting rhythms to new clients, I see eyes roll; I get objections like:

“We don’t have time for more meetings, we have enough already”

"We see everyone every day anyway, why do we all need to be in the same place at the same time?”

So why are meeting rhythms important? Holding a properly sequenced set of meetings, with each meeting at a different cycle time and with a different purpose, will actually save you time not cost you time. Your leadership team will have clarity on the vision and the strategy, they will know what the most important things are and what you have to do to achieve them. They will continually be learning and improving and they will know what the issues and blockers are that could derail you from achieving your goals. This is an experiment for me so I'll update the book with any insights or comments I get back from you. If it is useful, awesome.

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