Rock Habits - Functional and Process Accountability

In the second in this series of short articles, I am jumping to Rockefeller Habit Number 4 which is all about Functional and Process Accountability. Whilst the previous article on leadership team health and alignment focused on making sure we have the right people on board, Rock Habit Number 4 focuses on ensuring these right people are doing the right things right by creating clear functional and process accountabilities.

Rock Habit Number 4 Reads:

"Every facet of the organisation has a person with accountabilities for ensuring that goals are met."

And the specific points of this habit read:

- The Functional Accountability chart (FACe) is completed (right people doing the right things right)

- Financial statements have a person assigned to each line item.

- Each of the 4- 9 processes on the Process Accountability Chart (PACe) has someone that is accountable for them.

- Each 3-5 Year key Thrust or Capability has a corresponding expert on the advisory board if internal expertise doesn't exist.

So how do you get this habit embbeded in your business?

Firstly, work with your coach to complete the functional and process accountabilities (including KPIs and leading lagging indicators) and fix any gaps, overlaps or overloading. This can take time if you don't have people with the right capability or capacity on board. Review these quarterly or when ever there is a change to the leadership team, functional or process accountabilities

Secondly, make sure each (collapsed or aggregated) line items on your P / L has an accountable person assigned and give them the freedom and autonomy to ensure the numbers stay on track with forecasts and on budget.

Finally, as you build out Column 3 of your One Page Strategic Plan, ensure you have someone with the right capabilities accountable for the goal either on the leadership team or on the advisory board.

Now we have addressed the two habits primarily concerned with the "People" dimension of "Scaling Up" we will move on to the 3 habits that talk primarily to the "strategy" dimension and that is where we will start the next article in this series.

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