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One of the tools I normally introduce with my clients at the 6 - 9 month stage in our engagements is the Rockefeller Habits Checklist(TM). Over the next few weeks, I'll go into each of the ten habits revealing their intent along with outlining some pointers on how to best embbed them within your business.

As Verne observed successful businesses, he noticed that the ones that were achieving phenominal growth practiced many of the habits followed by John D Rockefeller the founder of standard oil.

Over time, he codified these into a simple checklist which we call the Rockefeller Habit's Checklist(TM) or more simply, the Rock Habits or Execution checklist.


There are many profitable businesses out there that do not practice the Rock Habits and that is OK. They are probably working a lot harder than they need to and also leaving a lot of highly profitable revenue behind. That is also OK but is that how you want to run your business?

I'll cover each habit one by one over the next few weeks. Each of the habits have four specific points and you really need to be able to tick off each of these to say that you practice this habit within your business. Don't worry if you can't tick many off when you first go through the checklist, we all have to start somewhere.

There is no specific order to these habits except for Habit Number 1 as without this habit in place, the others won't come to much, ... so that is where we will start.

So what is the first Rock Habit? If you have read "Scaling Up" you will be familiar with the language.. it reads:

"The Executive Team is healthy and aligned".

This habit is about getting the right people on the bus. Refer to Jim Collins "Good to Great" if you want more insight on why this is so important.

The specific points for this habit are:

- Team members understand each other differences, priorities and styles.

- The team meets frequently (Weekly is best) for strategic thinking

- The team participates in ongoing executive education (Monthly recommended).

- The team is able to engage in constructive debates and all members feel comfortable participating.

This habit is all about ensuring that you have a functional leadership team that is able to have constructive debate so they can resolve strategic and operational issues as they occur in the life of the business, whilst also continually updating the learning within the leadership team. If your leadership team works effectively as a team and you are continuously raising the knowledge and intellect of the team, you will very soon notice the impact on the rest of the business. Employees work best when they can see the leadership team working effectively and productively together.

So how do you get this habit embedded within your business?

Firstly, get your leadership team to read Patrick Lencione's leadership fable "The Five Disfunctions of a team" and get a coach to work through the leadership assessment and training. Secondly, work with a coach to build an executive training program into your regular meetings. Use these education sessions to address challenges and opportunities in your business and also raise the shared intelligence and understanding of how the business works (and should work) within your leadership team.

In the next part of this series we'll jump to Rock Habit Number 4 which is all about Functional and Process accountability. Like Habit Number 1, this talks to the "People" area of "Scaling Up" so we will deal with these before we move onto the habits that deal more with strategy and Execution. See you then.


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