The anatomy of the One Page Strategic Plan - Part 2, Execution

Thomas Edison once said “A strategy without a plan is a hallucination” reinforcing that even the best strategies are worthless without a plan to execute them.


This is the second of a series of two blog posts that focuses on the Anatomy of the One Page Strategic Plan. The first post breaks down the Core Ideologies and Strategy components of the OPSP. This second post explains the second part of the One Page Strategic Plan (OPSP) focuses on how we execute the longer term strategies we define in the Strategy section, the first three columns of the OPSP.

Even when we are good at formulating strategy and defining an execution plan, we still need to find a way of communicating the plan to our teams and there is no better way than getting the strategy and the execution plan onto a single page, a one page strategic plan.

The Gazelles One Page Strategic Plan is a tool that captures concisely the core of your business, your strategy, your long term medium term and short term goals along with a plan of how to execute them. That is a lot to get on one page (even if it is an A3 page) so you need to be concise.

This article shows you how to navigate through the anatomy of the one page plan focusing on execution. In other articles, I’ll drill down into the individual sections of the plan in more detail.

This is the One Page Strategic Plan and it is effectively divided into two distinct sections, one focused on Core Ideology and Strategy and the second (the four columns on the right) focused on how we execute on this strategy. I'll explain each of these four columns individually.

Year 1 Goals, Priorities and Critical Numbers

The lefthand column of the execution section (the right hand column on page one of the OPSP is all about the Year 1 Goals, Priorities and Critical Numbers. It is about the "What" that we need to achieve within the next 12 months to move us closer to achieving our 3 - 5 Year goals and move us closer to achieving our BHAG.

The Goals are the key financial or value based outcomes for the year. This often includes revenue, profit, gross margin, cash or more value based measures such as number of people helped.

The Priorities are the key initiatives you will have to successfully execute in order to achieve these goals. They are the big things you will need to do over the year.

The critical numbers for the year are the one or two key measures that you can accurately measure and track over the year that will give you the best view on how you are tracking on achieving your year 1 goals. I'll talk about critical numbers in another blog post so I won't say anything more about this here.

Quarterly Company and Individual Goals, Priorities and Critical Numbers

Moving onto coulumns 5 and 7, the Company Quarterly and Individual Quarterly columns. These column are HOW the company and you individually as a member of the leadership or management team will move the business closer to achieving your annual goals over the next 13 week quarter. The structure mirrors the Year 1 Column (column 4) but focuses on the next 90 days so it should be very specific. This column should detail the actual tasks (or priorities) that need to be done and who is accountable for ensuring they get done.


Identifying a fun and memorable theme for the year or quarter helps get the team motivated and to get them to commit to achieving the quarterly or annual goals. Themes often reflect a point in time in the company's history or possibly a film or common phrase. The idea is to create something fun that will play out over the quarter or year through posters, events, updates and create a sense of urgency within the team.


And that is the Execution section of the One Page Strategic Plan. In the final post post in this series, I'll cover the top and bottom parts of the OPSP.


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