How To Use The One Page Personal Plan

Our lives run better if our personal and our professional lives are aligned. The One Page Personal Plan looks at four key decisions in our pertonal lives (Relationships, Achievements, Rituals and Wealth) that mirror the four key decisions in business (People, Strategy, Execution and Cash). Having a strong and fulfilled personal life provides a solid foundation on which to sustain your efforts and your success in business.

As we compete the One Page Personal Plan keep in mind the 5Fs along the left hand side of the page; Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness and Finance.  These are the five things that generally matter most to people and they will serve as a gentle reminder as you set your priorities in the One Page Personal Plan.

The plan captures your intentions over the long term, the medium term and the short term.  Your long term aspirations are what you wan to achieve over the next 10 to 25 years.  These are in effect your personal BHAG and if you achieve these, you will feel that you have managed to do what you want to do and will have left a living legacy for others to remember you by.  Your medium term aspirations over the next year are in effect the building blocks that together help you on your journey in achieving your long term goals whereas the short term reflect what you aspire to start doing and just as importantly, stop doing.


For Relationships, start at the top (the 10 - 25 year row) and list the key groups of people that you want to have critical, long lasting relationships with.  This includes family, friends but also your employees and your customers.  Also list the communities with which you interact with.

Next, look at this list and identify which of these you want to focus on over the next 12 months and also the next quarter (90 days).  You may also want to disengage from some relationships that are not working for you so note these down in the "Stop" section and work on exiting these relationships gracefully.


This column is for the achievements that are important to you in creating a more meaningful life. These are intended to be non-monetary goals such as mentoring, volunteering or sitting on a board as a volunteer director. Look at whether these achievements impact on the critical relationships you have identified in the Relationships section.  A good overlap suggests alignment between your relationships and achievements whereas no overlap suggests either your relationships or your achievements need to be refined.

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