The Rockefeller Habits Rock by Rock - Employee and Customer Feedback

In this next article on the Rockefeller habits, we are going to look at Rockefeller Habits number 5 and number 6 which relate to employee and customer feedback respectively. I'm covering both of these habits within the same article because both talk to the critical nature of collecting feedback from all with a vested interest in the business, both customers and employees. Rockefeller Habit Number 5 reads:

Ongoing employee import is collected to identify obstacles and opportunities.

And its subpoints are:

  • All executives (and middle managers) have a Start/Stop/Keep conversation with at least one employee weekly.
  • the Insights from employee conversations are shared at the weekly executive team meeting.
  • Employee input about obstacles and opportunities is being collected weekly.
  • A mid-management team is accountable for the process of closing the loop and on all obstacles and opportunities.

Gathering data from employees is vital to ensure that you know both the blockers and the opportunities within the business. The leadership team often are not close enough to really understand what is going on day to day so ask the people that live it every day.

Start/Stop/Keep conversations are a rich source of information on what it is really like to be an employee. If you give your employees a simple framework and you ask you teams regularly and consistently they are much more likely to open up with real insight.

What is a Start/Stop/Keep conversation? Simply it is what should we (as a company):

  • start doing,
  • stop doing,
  • keep doing.

Once you have collected the insight from the Start/Stop/Keep conversations, make sure someone is accountable for collating it and presenting it to the leadership team at the weekly leadership team meeting. This is a key part of the weekly meeting agenda but don’t just review it, act on it and make sure the outcomes are fed back to the person who provided the input. Rockefeller Habit Number 6 reads:

Reporting and analysis of customer feedback data is as frequent and accurate as financial data.

And it's all points are:

  • All executives and middle managers have a 4Q conversation with at least one end user weekly.
  • The Insights from customer conversations are shared at the weekly executive team meeting.
  • All employees are involved in collecting customer data.
  • A mid-management team is accountable for the process of closing the loop on all customer feedback.

Just as employee feedback is critical, customer feedback is just as critical so make sure the flow of customer feedback insight is as frequent and as accurate as your regular financial reporting data. If you financial reporting data doesn’t get out on time, make your customer feedback data even faster.

Your leadership teams place is out there being involved in market and customer facing activities (NOT dealing with internal firefighting) so get out there and have a 4Q conversation with at least one customer each week.

What is a 4Q conversation? It is simply:

  • How are you doing?
  • What is going on in your industry/area?
  • What do you hear about our competition?
  • How are we doing (generally and also in comparison to our competition)?

And of course, collect, analyse, report on customer feedback and review it at the weekly leadership team meeting. Then, act on the insight and close the loop so that you customers know you took them seriously and you acted on their feedback.

The next (and penultimate) article in this series asks how employees know whether they have had a good day in the business. Can your employees answer this?

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