The Rockefeller Habits Rock by Rock - The company’s plans and performance are visible to everyone.

This is the last article in a series on the Rockefeller Habits. This final habit (#10) is probably the easiest Rockefeller Habit to implement (in my opinion) but is one many businesses, for some reason, really struggle to implement. I am not sure why this is but I think that many CEOs and leadership teams really struggle with revealing all to their teams. Maybe they think they can't handle it or (worse) think they don't need to know.

This habit is all about transparency and visibility of values, purpose and priorities and clear measurement and display of progress against these priorities. The habit reads:

The Company's plans and performance are visible to everyone.

  • A “situation room” is established for weekly meetings (physical or virtual).
  • Core Values, Purpose and Priorities are posted throughout the company.
  • Scoreboards are up everywhere displaying current progress on KPIs and Critical Numbers.
  • There is a system in place for tracking and managing the cascading Priorities and KPIs.

A company with clear values, purpose and clarity on what is most important to them should really have very little issue with making this visible and transparent. Indeed, when you meet a leadership team with this clarity, they generally shout it from the rooftops. They will tell anyone who will listen (and some who won't) so maybe that is why many companies struggle with this habit, they haven't quite got the clarity and certainty, so are not yet ready to announce it to all.

In "The Great Game of Business", Jack Stack talks of his notion of "Open Book Management" which is based on the premise that the more the company's employees know about the business, the better the business will perform. When you share you plans and your numbers with your team, you bring the company's story and progress to life. You will be amazed at the difference this will make in your business if you start practicing this discipline. Read Jack's book (particularly Chapter 5) to get more insight into how to do this.

So what does this habit really mean?

Everyone in your organisation needs to be able to see the key strategic elements of the company's strategy and plans and this can be in the form of a war room or a set of scoreboards/dashboards. What is the best way to display this to everyone? Well some of my clients invest in sophisticated dashboard tools and others use whiteboards and/or post-its.If you have many locations, make sure all locations can see the same information.

These need to show how you are tracking on your metrics, goals and critical numbers as well as the higher level things like values and purpose. And they need to be kept up to date daily or at least weekly. The energy released by seeing the business gradually move towards achieving a goal builds momentum and generally helps the business achieve the goal faster.

So, don't make your plans a secret! Put them up on the wall and encourage all of your team to check them out daily. Watch what happens when you start making your company's plans and numbers transparent and visible.

This is the last in a series of posts on the Rockefeller Habits that Verne Harnish captured in his book "Scaling Up". The Rockefeller Habits are a fundamental part of the Execution Decision, one of the four Key Decisions People, Strategy, Execution and Cash.

If you want a copy of the full Rockefeller Habits Checklist, you can download it from my website or from the Scaling Up website. I hope it has been useful.

Posted by : ged | On Sunday, 14 October 2018 | Modified On Wednesday, 28 November 2018


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