Gazelles Growth Tools

Gazelles Internationals publish many tools that are freely available to growth companies.  These tools address many of the areas within the Gazelles Growth Roadmap and we have made some of these tools available here.

Rockefeller Habits Checklist

The Rockefeller Habits are the 10 fundamental habits that support the successful implementaion of your strategy, what ever your strategy may be. They haven't changed since John D Rockefeller first implemented them over 100 years ago. He used these habits to drive his strategy and build what became one of the largest companies in the world - Exxon Mobil. Implemented effectively, these habits dramatically increase profit and reduce the time it takes you to manage your business. Just as checklists are essential to airline pilots as they run through their preflight checks, this checklist will become essential for you to continue your growth journey into the future.

One Page Personal Plan

Our lives run better if our personal and our professional lives are aligned. The One Page Personal Plan looks at four key decisions in our personal lives (Relationships, Achievemeets, Rituals and Wealth) that mirror the four key decisions in business (People, Strategy, Execution and Cash). Having a strong and fulfilled personal life provides a solid foundation on which to sustain your efforts and your success in business.

We have also published a blog post on how to use the One Page Personal Plan.

FACe - Function Accountability Chart

The Function Acountability Chart (FACe) focuses on making sure you have the right people in the right seats within your leadership team and ensures that no one person is overloaded and that all functions have a single person accountable for it.

One Page Strategic Plan

The One Page Strategic Plan is a tool that helps companies capture their differentiating strategy and their short, medium and long term objectives onto a single page. The first three columns are devoted to the Strategy plan whereas the last four identify how we are going to execute on this strategy. Having all this on a single page gives organisations a simple plan that helps to keep the business focused on the main thing now and into the future.



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