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We have been working with Ged and Crystalyzer for over six months. Ged has been assisting our senior leadership team with coaching, mentoring and planning based on Gazelles International’s Scaling Up toolkit. We have been meeting monthly as a group, and Ged has been providing individuals with advice and assistance on specific tasks and issues. The work that we are doing with Ged has helped us not only focus on the right things but also bring discipline to the team to help us meet our goals, including meeting rhythms and rituals. Changing the meeting cadence has made a significant difference to our ability to execute, and several of our goals would not have been met without making the changes recommended by Ged.

I particularly like Ged’s practical attitude towards assisting us, and his ability to home in on specific issues that are meaningful to our leadership group. Ged and his work with Scaling Up has helped us to make improvements to day-to-day operations whilst maintaining focused effort and collaboration to achieve the longer-term strategic goals.

James Rayner, Sydney, Australia.

If you are working on your business strategy, trying to improve the execution across your business or struggling with people issues, I would highly recommend you reach out to Ged, and hear about the strategies he can help you implement to move your business forward. Whether you are managing a small to medium business, or even running a team in a large organisation, Ged’s approach is adaptable and his tools are insightful for businesses of all sizes. I recently attended a Scaling Up Workshop presented by Ged @ Crystalyzer. Ged took us through the Gazelles 4-Decisions approach to scaling up businesses. Not only is this a fantastic framework for my own business, but the workshop also gives you insight from other businesses via the other participants. Ged has a good ear and demonstrates an ability to shift a discussion towards finding solutions, or methods that will help you identify solutions to your business problems. If you are looking to grow or scale your business, I'd recommend attending one of Ged's workshops.

Christian Eriksen, Director, Investment Control Systems, Sydney, Australia.

Our four person team had just one intensive training day with Ged from Crystalyzer and gained instant ground, insight and some much needed structure to enable us to take our next steps forward, cohesively! The program enabled us to articulate our vision, goals and a clear timeline breakdown - what a relief to build such a solid pathway with your team, have everyone happily on the same page and now absolutely raring to go! The program content was engaging with room for interaction, Ged is a wonderful facilitator who made sure every person in the team stayed engaged and open, it was clear that each member of the team was both expected and welcome to verbalise their differing views, plans and interpretations, leading us to the creation of a single strategic vision we could all be on board with. As a start up moving out of the conceptual phase this training has been invaluable, we look forward to making it a regular event in our management team calendar and see the Crystalyzer method take us from strength to strength.

Jade Gunn, CEO, Live Better Creatives, Sydney, Australia.

I recently attended a Scaling Up workshop presented by Ged Roberts at Crystalyzer. Ged took us through the Gazelles 4-Decisions approach to scaling up businesses. Following my earlier reading of the Scaling Up book, I really appreciated putting some of the tools in action. If you are looking to grow or scale your business, I would recommend attending one of Ged's workshops. Ged was highly knowledgeable in his subject matter and answered all of the questions effectively. The material is very practical, pragmatic and easily implementable.

JF Bertincourt, Director and Founder, Terra Studio, Sydney, Australia.



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