CEO Mentoring and Learning Programs

Our CEO Mentoring and Learning programs are designed for CEOs who, for various reasons, may not have the opportunity to work with a coach. Whether it's due to time constraints, financial considerations, or a lack of the right leadership team, we've got you covered. Our programs are also ideal for those who prefer to self-implement or face organizational constraints. Essentially, they're for any CEO and their leadership teams who are keen to implement the Metronomics Acceleration Advantage in their business.

The Programs

At its core, our CEO Mentoring and Learning programs guide you on how to implement Metronomics within your business, regardless of your location or whether you work with a coach. By the end of the year, we aim to cover the full Metronomics seven systems and other key tools leveraged within the Metronomics system.Additionally, we offer a mentoring program that builds on the learning program. This is perfect for CEOs who seek mentorship in implementing the Metronomics systems, processes, and tools. Due to the time commitment, we can only work with a limited number of CEOs in this capacity.

How Does It work

Our programs use an advanced learning platform that provides comprehensive coverage of the seven Metronomics systems, along with additional tools and techniques. The content is delivered through professional video presentations and includes practical templates for application.The program is structured into learning pathways that guide you through multiple tracks, allowing in-depth exploration of each system, quarter by quarter, topic by topic. This systematic approach ensures a thorough understanding and comprehensive mastery of Metronomics.

How many people in my team can access the learning platform?

If you subscribe to the CEO Learning Program, you (the CEO) and two others from your team can use the platform. Typically, this includes the CEO, the COO, and one other member, but we understand that your team structure may differ. If you subscribe to the Learning and Mentoring program, we'll make it available to as many team members as needed.

CEO Learning Program

  • Online Learning Platform with a comprehensive collection of videos covering the Metronomics Growth System and other related tools and techniques.
  • Learning Pathways guiding you through the key topic areas of the Metronome Growth System
  • "Ask Me Anything" six-weekly calls
  • 1 Metronome Software Licence
  • Copies of "3HAG Way" and "Metronomics" for the CEO
  • Support by email.

CEO Mentoring and learning program

  • Everything in the CEO Learning Program plus
  • Regular CEO Mentoring Calls intended to mentor the CEO in the implementation of the Metronomics Growth System
  • Up to 3 Metronome Software Licences
  • Copies of "3HAG Way" and "Metronomics" and a new book each quarter.
  • Support by phone/video call

AU $1000

+ GST Per Month
payable quarterly in advance


AU $10,000

+ GST Yearly
payable in advance

AU $2000

+ GST Per Month
payable quarterly in advance


AU $20,000

+ GST Yearly
payable in advance

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