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Why We Do What We Do?

As a business owner, you will have experienced the highs and lows of starting and scaling your business. It is hard, you have to be everywhere, all the time. The reasons you wanted to start your business (autonomy, freedom, more money) all seem to be far away now and you don't know where you need help and where you can go to get it.

We have been there too and have experienced the same pains that you are experiencing right now.  We learned from those experiences and realised that there is a better way to grow and scale your business.  We've taken the best business growth tools out there (such as "The 3HAG Way" and "Scaling Up") and put them into a cohesive Strategic Execution system that shows you how to grow efficiently and confidently.  

Our purpose is to nurture and grow your business and we are excited to be part of your journey; it is what we do best!

What We Do?

Crystalyzer is an Australian Business Strategy, Coaching and Advisory firm that helps Technology, Consulting and Professional Services firms achieve the next step in their growth journey. We scale and grow firms through a combination of advice, coaching and consulting and by leveraging the IP of leading Business Strategy and Growth firms across the globe.

Crystalyzer is a Gazelles Certified "Scaling Up" Business Coaching firm and we use the Gazelles "Scaling Up" IP and Methodology to help firms scale and grow.  We also use other IP, methodologies, and frameworks such as Design Thinking, Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Design and also more conventional Strategic Planning tools to help you Strategize, Plan and Execute your growth journey.  If this sounds like how you would like to scale your business, contact us at

How We Help You?

We equip organisations to start up and then scale up (without screwing up) by helping them attract and keep the right people, create a truly differentiated strategy, driving flawless execution and having enough cash to fund your growth.

Do you have the right people on the bus? The right people in the right positions, doing the right things? Are the key relationships inside and outside the business the right ones. Would you enthusiastically rehire all your existing employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

Can you state your strategy clearly and do all your people know and understand what the strategy is? What words do you own in your space? Who are your core customers and what is your brand promise guarantee to them? What are the key activities that differentiate you from your competitors?

Do you have the right level of capabilities that you need to fulfil your commitments to your customers? Is everyone working too hard, are things going wrong and do the problems slip through the gaps? How is your profitability in comparison with the industry average?

As you know, growth sucks cash. Growth is not about revenue, it is about profit. Can you improve how long it takes after you spend money on your business for it to make its way back through your business model and back into your account?

Scaling Up and "The 3HAG Way" Workshops

Come learn how to scale up and grow your business by applying the Gazelles Scaling Up framework and tools over a one or two day Strategic Execution workshop. In our workshops, you will learn how over 50,000 other firms worldwide are using the Gazelles Scaling Up methodology and Growth Tools to grow their businesses. These workshops are designed to cover the key topics of the Scaling Up Four Decisions model and tools. The workshops are a combination of executive education and hands on practical sessions where we use the Gazelles Growth Tools to produce actionable output for your business.

Want to find out more about Strategic Execution Workshops and how they can help you scale your business fast?

Sydney, 21st November 2019

Scaling Up and "The 3HAG Way" Growth Programs

Our Scaling Up Growth Programs provide a structured and methodical approach to scaling up your business. Over the course of the program, we educate, advise and coach you and your leadership team on the 4 key decisions that every growth firm needs to understand to grow successfully, specifically People, Strategy, Execution and Cash. Our programs run over 12 months and help you clarify your strategy and focus on the main things that will ensure you achieve your strategy. We do this through monthly meetings with you and your leadership team.

Want to find out more about how our Scaling Up Growth Coaching Programs can help you achieve the growth you are looking for?

CEO Roundtables

Not every business is ready to start a coaching program but CEOs often want to learn how to apply these great tools in their busienss as they grow. That is where CEO Roundtables come in, an opportunity to build a community of peer CEOs who learn how to implement our tools in their businesses as part of a facilitated CEO round table group. We meet monthly and our first CEO round table group is due to kick off in February 2020.



Here at Crystalyzer we work with global organisations with world leading IP. If you have tried doing it your way and are frustrated with the results, try leveraging the IP from global organisations who have done it before and have systemised their approach. We work with the best organisations globally to make your scaling up journey as simple and predictable as possible.


Q2 2019/20 - October to December 2019.

I have capacity to take on one more business onto my business growth coaching program until the end of 2019. We'll kick off the program with a two day strategic planning workshop and then move into a monthly, monthly, quarterly rhythm for the rest of the year.

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What Our Clients Say

"... The work that we are doing with Ged has helped us not only focus on the right things but also bring discipline to the team to help us meet our goals, including meeting rhythms and rituals. Changing the meeting cadence has made a significant difference to our ability to execute, and several of our goals would not have been met without making the changes recommended by Ged.". More Details ...

James Rayner, Sydney, Australia.

"If you are working on your business strategy, trying to improve the execution across your business or struggling with people issues, I would highly recommend you reach out to Ged, and hear about the strategies he can help you implement to move your business forward. ... If you are looking to grow or scale your business, I'd recommend attending one of Ged's workshops." More Details ...

Christian Eriksen, Director, Investment Control Systems, Sydney, Australia.

"... Ged is a wonderful facilitator who made sure every person in the team stayed engaged and open, it was clear that each member of the team was both expected and welcome to verbalise their differing views, plans and interpretations, leading us to the creation of a single strategic vision we could all be on board with... More Details ...

Jade Gunn, CEO, Live Better Creatives, Sydney, Australia.

"... If you are looking to grow or scale your business, I would recommend attending one of Ged's workshops. Ged was highly knowledgeable in his subject matter and answered all of the questions effectively. The material is very practical, pragmatic and easily implementable. More Details ...

JF Bertincourt, Director and Founder, Terra Studio, Sydney, Australia.



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We are based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia and we work primarily in Greater Sydney but are also open to working with clients from Forster, Newcastle, the Blue Mountains and down to Wollongong. We also work with clients across all of Australia and the Asia Pacific region, specifically in Bali, Indonesia.  If you would like to find out more about the work we do and the results we achieve, please contact us at or call us on +61 415 534239.


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